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Find My Container is a platform designed by Traxa, a Web3 company that leverages decentralized technology to improve supply chain visibility.

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Traxa - Improve Supply Chain Visibility with Find My Container

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From January 2020 to January 2022, supply chain disruption exploded with an increase in delivery times of 173% (this means goods traveling from China to the US take over a month longer than they did in 2019), and during the same period costs to transport a shipping container increased almost tenfold by rising 953%.


The effects of this are cascading, and touch everything from environmental sustainability to increased global poverty, and the price for everyday items is skyrocketing with no relief in sight. One of the leading causes for supply chain disruption is the visibility crisis. Even before COVID-19 and the escalating supply chain demands, visibility was among the top strategic priorities worldwide. 

The work being done by Traxa beginning with  FindMyContainer.io is the first truly decentralized data collection, analysis and distribution platform for supply chain visibility. Our data retrieval methods leverage a network of collection points and crowdsourcing that allow us to operate truly independently of the traditional logistics siloes while still granting companies access to integrate through APIs and using the Traxa marketplace.

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Container is Scanned

By leveraging decentralized technology and crowdsourcing the data retrieval, we are able to reach a global network focused on enhancing supply chain visibility.


Data Is Validated

We've created a sophisticated system that allows us to parse through and validate the data real-time and providing it to you via marketplace and API.


Find Your Container

Our marketplace and API will allow you to seamlessly track your assets in motion as they are scanned and provide you with the information you  need to make your operations run smoother and bring that stress level way down. 

Help Us Improve Supply Chain Visibility.